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Playground Slide
KIDZLET is a name to trust for buying indoor and outdoor play equipment. Our company in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (India) brings forth playground slide in designs, like single wave, double wave, spiral, double velocity, mini tube, and spiral tube.

Merry Go Round
KIDZLET has many play equipment in offering, Merry Go Round is one of them. Available in different sizes, colors and designs, this play equipment is safe for kids. We supply this outdoor play equipment to child care centers, playschools and home day care centers.

Playground Seesaw
KIDZLET is a manufacturing company that can meet your requirement for indoor and outdoor play equipment. Playground Seesaw in the offering is provided in different designs and number of seating arrangement, like single, double, and four. We also provide standing seesaw.
Playground Swing
Children like swing the most amongst other play equipment. KIDZLET is a one stop shop where schools and government can find playground swing in all designs and sizes for the school playgrounds and public gardens.
As children grow, they get the confidence to climb and reach to heights. And, climbers in school playgrounds or nearby localities make this possible. KIDZLET is a reliable provider of climbers of different sizes and structures, like net climber, overhead ring climber, funnel climber, rope climber, etc.

Spring Riders
KIDZLET is a name to trust for buying indoor and outdoor play equipment for children. Spring Rider is one of the play equipment for kids. As the name implies, this single seating equipment has a spring base, which allows the kid to ride the equipment side to side or front to back, while maintaining the balance.

Outdoor Gym Equipment
This Outdoor Gym Equipment is a great exercising machine for body workouts. It can be used by every age group with different goals of being healthy, building body, etc.
Surface Flooring
Creative and durable Surface flooring is provided with anti-skid features to ensure to provide maximum comfort of playing to the players.
Indoor Playground Equipment
Indoor Playground Equipment is designed in appealing colors and safe designs to provide fun to kids with complete safety and security. 
Kids Trampoline
Kids Trampoline helps to build muscle and burn fat quickly, by jumping on it. The extended use of a trampoline increases blood cell counts and reduces blood pressure. It also has the added benefit of improving agility and balance. This works out include legs, thighs, arms, hips and stomach.
Classroom Furniture
Classroom Furniture gives a proper place for the children and others to use it during studying. Whether it is a pleasure for reading or studying, this furniture plays a very crucial role in motivating learners or children to sit and study to their content. This furniture is very effective as well as economical to use.
Garden Furniture
Garden Furniture is used for more comfortable lives and makes you enjoy your day by sitting in garden area and feel the nature around you. This furniture has different unique colours, sizes and shapes along with attractive designs which will give your drawing room an appealing look.

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